Joey Procrastination
I started with finding a problem: the procrastination of classwork. From there, I worked from real user research to create personas storyboards and early wireframes. This process ended with an early prototype of the proposed app.
At the beginning of the semester, students enter their syllabi, either via text recognition from a picture, or manually.
When the sheduled work time starts, the application sends a notifiation to your phone asking if you have started working. If you have, you can take a picture to prove it.
The student submit their estimated progress to reach a checkpoint in the work schedule. Once finished, the phone locks, requiring the student to put down the phone and continue working.
If you are not working, the phone locks, requiring the user to put down the phone and start working.
The app compares progress with other friends using the app to create a competitive atmosphere that will encourage the user to try harder.