Quantitative and qualitative research I ran or supported at edX.
Design methods used to generate design artifacts like sketches, wireframes, hi-fi visual designs, interactions, workflows, and clickable prototypes.
Company: edX
Date: October 2017 – September 2019
When learners start a course on the edX platform, the first page they visit is the Course Home. The current state could use some visual design attention and better content hierarchy to direct attention straight to the most important information.
Company: edX
Date: January 2019
The edX marketing site contains an overwhelming number of courses to choose from. This is an amazing online course catalog with content from well known universities from around the globe, but it is difficult to compare courses.
Company: edX
Date: Summer 2018
A review of the checkout process for a new type of subscription at Apptopia. Hi-fidelity design to improve clarity, ease of check-out, and conversion rates.
Company: Apptopia
Date: May 2017
This AI chat platform is maintained through white glove services that require staff members to pay close attention to how each bot is performing. To grow our support team, we had to find a way to share some responsibilities with clients in a way that gives them confidence and a feeling of control over their bots
Company: Mainstay
Date: 2020–2021
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